By | February 6, 2019

  Have you ever asked from yourself “Am I a healthy person?”. I am pretty sure you will say “we have no enough time to think about our health”. I agree. It is true that most of us are running a busy lifestyle and time is too limited so that we have no enough time to think about our own health. But have you ever given a thought of how important is being a healthy person? Therefore, before loving your career or any other thing love yourself. But most people do not know how to live healthy and what facts do we need to give our attention to gain our well being.

Health of a person mainly depends on what he or she eats and drinks. We need to maintain our body nutritional levels which will lead us to live a healthy life. But today with the time limitations most of the people used to go for instant food items. They have no idea how badly it will affect for their health. Because of these bad eating habits, we put our own lives in danger without our knowledge.  So, let’s see how to start eating healthy by giving up bad eating habits. I know this is not an easy task. But give it a try step by step.

As the first thing always try to avoid junk food and beverages from your meals. Add fresh fruits and vegetables plus fresh juice to your meals as much as possible. If you can have a plate of fresh fruits rather than having a plate of instant noodles in your breakfast, then you are in the correct path. It is always good to eliminate processed food items from your meals why because they have nothing but harmful calories which will cause obesity and many other diseases.

As the next step remove any instant food items or sugary drinks from your sight so that you will not go for them when you are hungry. Replace your kitchen and refrigerator with some healthy food like grains, fruits and vegetables. Remove all instant drinks and replace them with fresh juice. Now when you are hungry you have no choice but to eat or drink something good for your health. It is better if you can do these changes even in your workplace because we all know that we prefer to have something in our mouth while we are working.

Next important thing is eat just to satisfy your stomach not you mouth. Most of us cannot control our mouth when we eat something delicious and we try to eat more and more even we are full. Do not let your mouth to spoil your healthy diet. Always stick to the correct quantity when having your meals which is a very important thing that we should consider when trying to have a healthy diet. Also take your meals on time. Having the diet early or delaying the diet is not a good practice of eating.

I believe if we can follow so called eating habits and practices, we can give a good start on eating healthy and live a healthy life as we all wish.

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