Stress can be made you a Patient

By | February 3, 2019

Our life has totally changed with globalization and technical revolution. If we think about our day to day activities, you can identify how busy our lives. It may a cause to become stress. Stress coming because of various ways. If you are not successful in managing stress, definitely you will reach into the long-term diseases. Stress management starts with identifying the source of stress in your life. But stress management is not very easy as it sounds.

Are you smoking, drinking too much, using pills or drugs to relax, zoning out for an hour in front of the TV or computer, sleeping too much, overeating or underrating? You may do these things for free from stress. These coping strategies may reduce stress temporarily. But they cause more damage to your health in the long run.

I recommended you do the stress management properly avoiding unnecessary stress. Then you can free the situation and be relaxed. Try out these things when getting stress in order to obtain a good health. You can go for a walk, listen some music, watch a drama or comedy, do something for a fun, hobbies or the things you like most, play with pet, work in your garden, talk with a close friend, spend time in nature, have a warm cup of tea or a coffee, take meditation, do some exercise etc. I am sure you will astonish and you can see the good results soon

How Exercise Help to Your Body Fitness.

I recommended release time for at least one hour per day. I know it is more difficult to dedicate doing exercise with releasing in your busy life. But should allocate a little time in order to become an owner of good health and as soon as you will have advantages in it.

Do You Have Enough Sleep

Have ever heard this saying? “Sleeping is a medicine in order to increase life expectation”.  Adequate sleep makes your mind healthy. If you working without having needful sleep it will increase your stress because it may cause your mind process. When you are getting tired, it doesn’t matter to take a nap but also exceeding to adequate sleep is not so good to your body fitness

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